Irium Spain

What we do

We help companies to improve their production and management processes through technology implementation. IRIUM is a group of companies with an outstanding business development in "IT" and "Professional Services" fields.

We provide systems and networking computing services, E2E development and technical support projects as well as specialized technical outsourcing.

We provide tailor made services projects’ consultancy, infrastructure design and systems integration, on-site and remote management and hosting servers.

We have our own control, management and infrastructure support platforms to provide our clients different resolution levels, covering IT support at all levels from basic incidents up to operational support.

This area has been created by the Group to manage the most ambitious projects in implementation, development and networking and VoIP management fields.

Our networking and IP services are designed to measure an implement an accurate communication infrastructure to warrantee the correct operation in the communications system.

We offer integrated voice solutions to warrantee the highest level of satisfaction of our clients, covering functionality, interconnection, corporate networks, mobility, reliability and/or availability.


Projects in specialized industries

We contribute with our experience in domestic and global scope projects' design, implementation and management, mainly in Technology Infrastructure, Security and platforms Management for different industries.


Experts in Outsourcing

Based on the current necessities of big companies, we offer our partnership with our Outsourcing Services in technology projects contributing with our know-how and leadership in IT sector. This has brought to us unbeatable references with first-class companies.


Solid structure

We are committed to preserve our most valued asset: people. We warrantee optimal results through solid development professionals.

Our experience in wide range services management, bidding, technical and human infrastructure operation and coordination as well as our knowledge in transition periods planning, are key competences to succeed in bringing high quality standards in every service we offer.