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Outsourcing Support Center. Help Desk.

Outsourcing Support Center. Help Desk.

Our outsourcing support center target is to totally manage every process related to our clients’ customer service and help desk incidences through a specialized and well organized work centre (Support Center) offering the highest-quality effectiveness in resolution processes.

Support Centers are organized in different and combined specialization levels according to every client help desk necessity:

Level 0, customer service.

Level 1, technical low level incident resolution.

Advanced Level 1, more complex remote resolution. In this case the technician gets connected to the user’s computer equipment from the Support Center to solve the incident online, which allows the user, most of cases, to watch the entire process.

Level 2, technical high level incident resolution. Operations support services:

Infrastructure. We provide solutions for servers' incidents, help desk, peripherals, routers, wiring and hardware.

Access. We solve users' authentication incidents, servers' permissions, firewalls, security certificates, etc.

Communications. We provide support to our clients in switching and routing incidents, devices configuration, etc.

Systems administration. We help our clients with their own applications, data bases, systems, specific tools, operating systems, etc.

We design our Support Centers according to each necessity requested by our clients, considering service hours, language, etc. We can provide 24 hours services 7 days a week in any language is requested. Nowadays, IRIUM owns Support Centers where the assistance to our clients in Spanish, Catalonian, English, French, German and Italian.

Moreover, we can cover low demand services, according to its characteristics or consumption.

We can provide our services directly in clients' facilities or in our own Centers.