Irium Spain

+ benefits, - costs

More benefits, less costs

IRC success is based on the precise selection and training of the technicians as well as on their managers’ experience.

In an IRC, level 2 technicians are mainly dedicated to study, organize and document the most frequent incidents as well as to train 1+ level technicians to solve them, too. All these activities are performed through IRIUM tools, developed and improved every project we have making much easier our work.

IRC is continuously learning from its clients’ behavior and problems. We document and organize the various cases we have and their result which makes possible to increase our professionals’ knowledge. After one year, 1+ service level technicians are able to solve 80% of the entry incidents. Only 20% of the incidents go to 2 service level, where the productivity is 10% above a traditional Center where they have a double amount of technicians.

You can also have an IRC as your Support Center to significantly increase your clients satisfaction and reduce at least 20% of your current costs.

+ benefits, - costs