Irium Spain



We are motivated by the necessity among companies of offering services such as guaranteed fast internet; therefore, Security has become a key player in our e-business strategies. Even though Security comes true through tangible products and solution, to establish a security policy considering associated aspects like its display or users' agreement has become essential.

These services are focused on offering our clients IT security solutions in LAN\WAN communications and internet systems, covering integrity, confidentiality and availability systems needs.

  • • Encrypting Solutions (VPN).
  • • Perimeter Security Solutions (firewall).
  • • Content Control.
  • • High Availability.
  • • Service Quality.
  • • Cloud Acceleration.
  • • Users Authentication.

In IRIUM we have designed a global security action plan easy to adapt to each company needs. To make this possible, it is essential to make an initial diagnostic to evaluate the area to be covered as well as its capability to comply with every related law.

Now a day, it has become common to be externally attacked. As a consequence, our main objective is to reduce the critical nature level any business possibility can reach by reinforcing security.